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Adventure Francophone was proud to sponsor the Ninez y Viola Foundation in Quito EQUADOR, a remarkable foundation providing education for children in need.
In April 2014, we went to Quito and visited the open pre-school of the foundation.
We discussed with the staff, all very committed persons, so grateful about Adventure Francophone's donations. Thanks to you, all the generous donators: it really made a difference all over these years: renovated facilities, playgrounds equipments, toys, books, dormitories...
We enjoyed watching the kids during one of the daily "atelier du gout" when they prepare and taste healthy food (fresh fruits and vegetables). It helps developing their taste and improve their health. 
But above all, we saw beautiful and smiling little faces. Thanks to your help, these children, raised in poor conditions can find a place where they are safe, where they have toys and activities like the other ones and where they can socialize, develop their language and creativity... a happy place!

When the director , Bianca, retired, we decided to follow her recommendation and to sponsor one of her former staff, Daysi, who founded “Casa Janaity” dedicated to the needed children of Nayón, a neighborhood of Quito. We paid a visit after our first $500 donation, in October 2017 and we acknowledged the good use of the money but also the great need of more help. Please help us to help them!

On behalf of all the kids we say: Thank you!

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